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Who is the player?

Teacher of game studies classes on Masaryk University and University of ss. Cyrilius and Method. Co-founder of the portal dedicated to educational games Gamification consultant with a focus on HR and marketing.
+ snowboarding instructor, kids animator, traveler and lover of life :)

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Skils and Perks

What can I do

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Gamification for business

  • Gamification in HR

  • Gamification in marketing

  • Gamification of company processes

Games and children

  • Implementing games in education

  • Games suitable and unsuitable for kids

  • Gamification of schools and homes

Making of games

  • Production and production processes

  • Consultation for game ideas

  • Introduction to game design

Experiences collected

I have touched basicaly everything related to games.

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Hrdý spoluautor _cardbards #playaswork

Designing games

I designed several games of various types. My most successful game is Hraj Sa, geolocation game teaching the players the history of Bratislava.
I was also helping with core game design of Card Bards: Brave Explorers, game about exercise and family bonding for smaller kids.

As a content creator, I participate on the design of the larp called End of History, dealing with political negotiations in the Middle East.

Currently, I work on an ecology-focused game about the global interconnection of local environments.

Talking about games

On universities in Brno and Trnava, students can attend my classes called: Introduction to Game Studies, Grammar of Games and Critical Analysis of Games.

In partnership with Orange foundation, I also talk about the educational potential of games to teachers all around the country.

One of the activities I really enjoy doing are workshops for learning about game design by creating a small game, as I was doing with Slovak Busines Agency, or for international Circus community.


Writing about games

Most of my academic life I wrote about games related stuff. My first publication was Game Typologies Not Based on the Game Mechanics for Mediální studia journal.

Other published paper is First Commercial Game Subjects in Slovakia for Marketing Identity Journal.

I also write about the educational potential of games and gamification for our web

Studying games

I am a proud co-founder of Masaryk University Game Studies, the first platform to connect people studying games in Czechia and Slovakia. My largest project for MUGS is CEEGS Conference, which is now one of top game studies conferences in Europe. 

My interests started with the ontology of games (bachelor thesis about game typologies) than I broadened my focus to local histories (master thesis about the emergence of game markets after the fall of socialism) and now my interest lies mostly in games and ideology.


Links are included in the text.
Have questions? Drop me a line and let me give you the answers.

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Where I graduated

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Digital media/massmedia

2009 - 2015

Masaryk University

Political science

2009 - 2012

Masaryk University


2005 - 2009

University of Constantine the Philosopher

Why I love games?

"Unlike narrative, simulations are a kaleidoscopic form of representation that can provide us with multiple and alternative points of view. By accepting this paradigm, players can realize that there are many possible ways to deal with their personal and social reality. Hopefully, this might lead to the development of a tolerant attitude that accepts multiplicity as the rule and not the exception."
Gonzalo Frasca

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Got something you’d like me to work on? Or how about a friendly chat? Contact me today.

00421 903 281 106

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